Welcome to Aliba Hotel

We are proud to host you in our hotel to have an unforgettable experience in Edirne's atmosphere intertwined with history. We offer a comfortable and elegant accommodation experience in this fascinating city, which was the capital of the Ottoman Empire. Surrounded by its historical texture and cultural riches, our hotel awaits you for a unique travel experience.

Aliba Hotel is located in the historical center of Edirne, so you can easily reach the city's glorious past and historical heritage. While it is within walking distance of Edirne's most popular tourist attractions, shopping and flavor points, it has been designed in accordance with the historical texture.

Our rooms


The rooms are designed to meet all your needs and have many features specially selected for you. Air conditioning, free wireless internet connection, 24-hour room service and digital safe are standard in all our rooms. You will feel privileged with modern designed bathrooms and specially designed furniture.

With its rich breakfast options and unique tastes, Aliba Hotel will provide you with an extremely hygienic, safe, privileged and comfortable accommodation experience. We will be happy to host you in our hotel to discover the mystical history of Edirne and accumulate unforgettable memories. We look forward to seeing you in our hotel in the heart of Edirne, full of historical and cultural riches.

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